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Thomas Sabo - Glam & Soul
smykker den 23-01-12
The name of the Spring/Summer Sterling Silver Collection reflects the identity of THOMAS SABO: glamour and soul, and these are not merely the design codes for these fabulous items of jewellery, they are also the perfect descriptions for the THOMAS SABO brand itself.

Our company’s heartbeat has always been particularly well expressed through music. To this end, Rock has been constantly in our soul – and now the tone has become just that little bit softer: Jazz and Soul influences have imbued a modern beat into the new collection. And to authentically create one’s very own, special style and to resolutely follow a fixed style direction has always required our full passion. This is extremely glamorous and has made us successful and strong over the course of the years.

The Spring/Summer 2012 Sterling Silver Collection is a beautiful homage to the most successful THOMAS SABO creations of all times. A reinterpretation of the greatest icons – from the skull to the starfish, from the cross to the winged heart.
Get in the mood for GLAM & SOUL!

THOMAS SABO introduces – the new Special Addition Collection line Create your own pieces of jewellery: the new Special Addition Collection line comprises 44 new pendants, five new bracelets, as well as a range of brand-new necklaces with matching earrings and rings. Create your very own, customised items of jewellery with the Special Addition range: just add, add, add – with a seemingly limitless number of possible combinations. Key pieces: four onyx and mother-of-pearl disks offer arabesque cut-out discs, the most fabulous stage. Downsized in format, the most popular THOMAS SABO pendants provide absolutely stunning
accents. The veritable highlight: the new silver bracelet with its click-in system enables the attachment of pendants to every second link. Become an “Additionista” with Special Addition from THOMAS SABO.

Casual Jazz attitude meets rebellious chic: welcome to the Era of Blues The rocky rebel becomes a soul artist with an abundance of passion to complement his attitude. This is where the tough soul of THOMAS SABO becomes apparent. Signature pieces, such as skulls, crosses and anchors, have been completely reinterpreted through downsizing and with an even greater focus on their details. The absolute hero of the new trend is the miniature skull. Attached to the new necklaces made from obsidian beads, it discretely underlines the look of the new, more modern rebel. Adorning bracelets or as an ornament on rings and pendants, it also makes a total impact with its understatement – that goes absolutely perfectly with a Jazzy sound, smooth moves, dark Mod styling and cool behaviour.

Fresh, cheeky and delicate – all at the same time: SEASONAL surprises with the combination of playfulness and the grown-up Dreamy like a princess, fashionably coquettish and cheerful – this season, the Seasonal Collection mixes the retro references of the 1950s and 1960s with modern shapes and colours like a sugar-sweet Pop song. The greatest THOMAS SABO hits, such as cherry, strawberry and
starfi sh are further developed and refi ned by being downsized. This summer, the THOMAS SABO Collection of keys is complemented with zirconia-adorned locks, lending the collection a fabulous hint of young femininity. And cute little new pendants – such as the lucky salamander, the garden fairy in her princess’s dress and the butterfl y lock in the shape of a heart – underline the lightness of being a true Seasonal girl.

Elegance in a class of its own – the very soul of glamour is the inspiration for an opulently-classical collection full of favourite pieces for the modern day. An upward glance, a sensual gaze, a dramatic gesture: Hollywood’s divas are simply inspiring – regardless of whether they are those of the 1920s or 1940s or the modern era. Their inapproachable elegance, grace, glamour and perfection are often admired from a distance. The new collection captures the allure of the most stylish icons of all time and mixes it with romantic opulence, classical elegance and Parisian catwalk chic. The reinterpretation of several important THOMAS SABO symbols –
such as the new series of rings, the snake heart with red or black zirconia stones and the new clover pendants to complement the winged heart series – draw on reminiscences of already existing designs and are to be understood as the declaration of love to the future of THOMAS SABO.

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